Development of a New Working Algorithm for Improving the Efficiency of the Remote Protection in the Distributed Generation Networks


Recent studies focus on the development of energy supply systems when applying the principles of distributed generation. They consist in the organization of energy supply from several energy sources, different in types and characteristics (photovoltaic cells, wind power plants, microturbine plants, diesel power plants). The purpose of such events is to bring energy facilities closer to consumers, reduce the loss of generated electricity, and reduce dependence on the fossil fuels. However, with all the advantages, distributed generation is associated with the number of technical problems. One of them is the complexity of relay protection systems due to the influence of additional electrical power from the distributed generation units. This requires the development of new algorithms and protection schemes to ensure selectivity and increase the sensitivity of relay protection.

The article is devoted to the creation of a distance protection algorithm in the distributed generation systems. The integrated approach was applied, including the scientific analysis, processing, as well as the study of the results of theoretical and experimental research in the field of relay protection. The developed set of measures for the protection of distribution networks was analyzed. The results of the work done can be used when considering the influence of the parameters of protected connections in the operating conditions of the electrical complexes in a network with the distributed generation on the efficiency of distance protection. The conclusions presented by the authors allow to increase the sensitivity and selectivity of distance protection in emergency situations.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2023-5-20-27
Year: 2023
Issue num: May
Keywords : energy distributed generation protection action algorithms distribution networks distance protection
  • Ustinov D.A.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof. Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Aysar A.R.
    Candidate, Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, Russia