To authors

  1. Articles presented in the journal shall be accompanied by the license agreement on transfer to STC «Industrial Safety» CJSC (the publisher of the journal) of non-exclusive copyrights. The example of the license agreement is placed on the journal web site It can be received by e-mail (
  2. In connection with the requirement of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (an information message of October 14, 2008 No. 45.1-132) on the need of placement of the journals entering the List of the leading reviewed scientific journals of HAC, in the open access in the Internet (in the database of the Russian universal scientific electronic library), and filling of the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (SCI) and other databases of scientific citing the article shall contain: the index on the universal decimal classification (UDC); name, middle name (full) and the surname of the author (authors), place of work and hold position; academic degree or rank; name; abstract; key words; text of the article; list of references; illustrations and picture captions; photos of the authors (TIF, JPG); contact information (e-mail address).
  3. The article sent to editorial staff shall have the covering letter from the organization in which the authors are working (or at least the first author). 
  4. The volume of the article (including illustrations, tables and references) shall not exceed 12 pages of the typescript text. The text of the article shall be printed in 1.5 intervals in the editor WinWord (font Times New Roman, size 12) on one side of the A4 format sheet.
  5. The article signed by the author (authors) shall be submitted in the electronic (WinWord file) form, and in the hard copy version. It is also possible to submit the article on the electronic media.
  6. The material of article shall be stated briefly, without repetitions of these tables and drawings in the text; references in the text shall be provided to literature, tables and drawings. The article shall be accurately structured: introduction (review of problems, work purpose); the theory of the issue; detailed statement of the methods of conducting tests, description of the materials and methods of analysis, statistical processing is desirable; discussion of the results; conclusion. For the articles of production character, it is enough to make the sections "Work purpose" and "Obtained results". 
  7. The authors are the persons (as a rule, no more than four) who participated in the whole work, or in its main sections. The persons participating in work partially shall be specified in the reference on the first page of the article, or in the note at the end of the article. On each of the authors the detailed data shall be attached in the Russian and English languages (place of work, position, academic degree, academic title, e-mail, phone, postal address, the author who is the contact person). 
  8. It is mandatory for the article to have a summary, key words and a list of references.
  9. The summary to the article (according to the requirements of the international databases) shall disclose rather fully its content (but shall not to be a tracing-paper from the Russian-language abstract), to have the volume on the average of 1800-2000 symbols. The summary shall be translated into English.
  10. Key words shall contain on the average not less than 7-10 names and also shall be translated into English.
  11. The list of references of the article (according to the requirements of the international databases) shall conform to to the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5 — 2008 and have at least 12 sources (from them no more than 3 references to own works) with mandatory inclusion of 5 sources minimum after 2010, and not less than 4 references to foreign researches in recent years. 
  12. Units of measure of sizes shall correspond to the International System of Units (SI), and the terms used in the article, terms, definitions and legends — current GOSTs.
  13. The list of references shall contain the following data: at the reference to journal article — the surname and the author initials, the name of article, the full name of the journal, the year of the edition, volume, number, pages of the beginning and the end of article; at reference to the book — the surname and the author initials, the name of the work, the place of publication, publishing house (for the foreign source it is enough to specify the city), publishing date, total number of pages in the book; at the reference to the article in the collection —the surname and the author initials, the name of the article, the name of the collection, the number of edition or volume, the place of publishing, publishing house (or the publishing organization), the pages of the beginning and the end of the article; for Internet references — the name of the resource and the publication, the access mode.
  14. The number of the literary reference is given in square brackets at the corresponding place in the text in ascending order.
  15. When compiling the lists of literature, the authors are recommended to use reliable verifiable sources and avoid references to the public resources, information from which cannot have authoritative confirmation (for example, Wikipedia).
  16. Before sending the article to the editorial staff of the journal, the authors shall check the text of the article for absence of possible borrowing from other publications using a special program (for example, At the same time, author's articles are accepted for review and subsequent editing if the originality of the text is not less than 75%.
  17. Formulas must be typed in the formula editor. After the formula it is required to clarify the parameters included in it in the sequence of their mentioning with the indication of units of measurement.
  18. The drawings shall be also submitted by separate files (do not  inserted into the WinWord): tone — in a raster format (TIF, JPG, resolution sahll not be lower than 300 dpi), graphic material — in a vector format (WMF, EPS, etc.) or the files with expansion corresponding to the graphic editors, in which they are executed. The drawings shall be clear, suitable for computer reproduction. It is not  required to overload them with the minor data which do not have the direct relationship to the text of the article. It is desirable to accompany color photos with signatures.
  19. Payment shall not be charged from the authors of the scientific and technical articles, including graduate students, for the publication of their manuscripts. Remuneration is not paid to the authors. The electronic version of the published article shall be sent to each author on his e-mail.
  20. The articles are reviewed. Negative reviews shall be brought to the attention of the authors. 
  21. The materials presented to the editorial staff are not returned to the authors.
  22. The author, the group of authors of the sent article shall guarantee that this article had not been earlier published and is not under consideration in the editorial staff of other journals.
  23. We would like to draw the attention of the authors that since 2017 for the articles published in the journal according to the requirements of the international databases the publisher plans to buy and assign the unique identification numbers DOI (digital object identifier). Detailed information on the procedure of assigning DOI can be specified in the editorial staff.
  24. Expanded requirements to the authors, presentation of articles, conditions of review, ethical fundamentals of editorial policy are submitted on the journal website.