ISSN 0409-2961
The journal is registered in the Federal supervision service in the field of communication, information technologies and mass communications PI № FS77-43428 of January 14, 2011.
The Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (ROSTECHNADZOR); Closed Joint Stock Company «Scientific Technical Center of Industrial Safety Problems Research» (STC «Industrial Safety» CJSC).
Editorial board — heads of Rostechnadzor central staff, eminent persons of science and engineering.
Editorial staff — heads of the departments and lead members of the central staff of Rostechnadzor and its territorial bodies, eminent persons of science and engineering, heads and leading specialists of STC «Industrial Safety» CJSC.
Readership of the journal — research associates, leaders and specialists of the enterprises and organizations of different branches of industry and supervision authorities.
Scientific articles, and information materials on industrial safety in various branches of industry (mining, metallurgical, oil and gas, chemical, power, construction, etc.); methodical and legal documents; decrees and instructions of Rostechnadzor; interview, reports on the up-to-date scientific and production problems; news of science and engineering are published in the journal.
Information and advertising support of the international exhibitions, forums, conferences, congresses.
Regions of distribution: Central, North-Western, Ural-Volga region, Western, Eastern Siberia, Sakhalin, CIS countries, far abroad.
Publisher: STC «Industrial Safety» CJSC.
Printed in OOO RPK Zetaprint, Shosseynaya 90, build. 7, 109383, Moscow, Russian Federation. Tel. +7 (495) 775-23-38.
Periodicity of journal issue: 12 times a year.
Circulation — 2000 copies.Volume — 96 pages.
Format 60х90 1/8.
The journal is included into the List of the leading reviewed scientific journals and editions, in which the main scientific results of theses on a competition of academic degrees of the candidate and doctor of science shall be published. The List is formed by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
The journal is amongst the Russian journals indexed in the Russian index of the scientific citation (two-year impact-factor of RINTs without self-citation — 0,593, a five-year impact-factor of RINTs without self-citation — 0,461, ten-year Hirsch index — 23), in the international abstract databases and citation systems: Scopus, Chemical Abstracts (CA(pt), GeoRef, in EBSCO Publishing databases and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.
Since 2017 the DOI index is being assigned to all the scientific articles published in the journal (at the beginning of article after keywords). The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is the system of determination of the scientific content in the Internet; DOI assignment — essential attribute of the up-to-date system of the international scientific communication. DOI-prefix of «Occupational Safety in Industry» journal: 10.24000.
Main headings of the journal:
  • Science and technology;
  • Views and opinions;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Experience sharing;
  • Safety issues;
  • International cooperation;
  • Interview of current interest;
  • Conferences, exhibitions and workshops.
Articles are published on the following scientific specialties:
  • 2.10.1. Fire safety
  • 2.10.2. Environmental safety
  • 2.10.3. Occupational safety
Electronic versions of the journal (since1996) can be ordered by phone / fax: +7 (495) 620-47-53; by e-mail: ornd@safety.ru, and also in the online shop www.shop.safety.ru.
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Mail address: 105082, Moscow, p/o box 38
Tel/fax +7 (495) 620-47-44
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