Prediction of the Ground Vibration Rate during Large-scale Explosions in the Underground Conditions


At present, to ensure seismic safety in massive explosions, the analytical dependence of the determination of the vibration velocity of M.A. Sadovsky rock mass is mainly used. This dependence is widely used in the creation of seismic-safe technologies for mineral deposits open-pit and underground mining. However, scientific research and production experience showed that the rate of oscillation depends on the energy parameters of the explosive, the diameter and length of its charges, the number of simultaneously exploded charges, the number of deceleration stages, the deceleration interval, etc.  The purpose of this article is to predict the speed fluctuations of the massif on the earth surface when conducting the underground explosions depending on the parameters of large-scale explosions and physical-technical properties of the rock masses in the areas of explosion of the protected object. The formulas for calculating the velocity of rock mass on the earth surface during large-scale explosions in the underground conditions are substantiated and presented. The formulas were used for calculating the vibration velocities of the rock mass on the earth surface in accordance with the parameters of drilling and blasting operations during large-scale explosions in the mines of GK VostGOK. Comparison of theoretical (calculated) data and the results of actual measurements indicates their convergence. By changing the controlled parameters in the calculation formulas, it is possible to quantitatively reduce the seismic effect of a large-scale explosions on the protected objects.
Further research will be aimed at studying the influence of tectonic faults, artificial contour crevices, filling massif or mined-out space on the rate of seismic-explosive vibrations during blasting operations in the mines. The research results can be used in the preparation of rules for conducting large-scale explosions at the underground mining.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2021-6-41-45
Year: 2021
Issue num: June
Keywords : prediction массовый взрыв охраняемый объект underground works underground geotechnology chamber development system speed of seismic and explosive vibrations
  • Tyupin V.N.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod, Russia