Features of Ecological and Safe Liquidation of the Vertical Workings of Mines of the Prokopyevsko-Kiselevskiy Coal District of Kuzbass


Liquidation of the vertical shafts at hazardous production facilities — mines closed by dry or wet methods, in standard situations does not present any particular difficulties. The most complex, but environmentally friendly in technical and technological terms is the development and implementation of the combined method for the liquidation of hazardous mines of the Prokopyevsko-Kiselevsky coal district of Kuzbass with the depleted space of spent powerful coal seams opened by vertical shafts. This is related to the fact that these mines have, as a rule, common boundaries of mountain allotments and either a direct hydraulic or hydrogeological connection. It is established that the mines of the Prokopyevsko-Kiselevsky coal district form two hydraulically connected groups of mines: northern and southern. When they are closed and flooded, there is a flow of groundwater from one depleted space of the mine to another — neighboring, with the danger of water leaving at the lowest point on the earth surface.

The combined method provides for flooding of the liquidated mines to a certain level, the level of which is regulated by installation in one of the vertical shafts of submersible pumps. After establishing the fact of complete flow of water and stabilization of the depression funnel, the dewatering complex is dismantled and the trunk, in which it was mounted, is eliminated.

On the example of the Ziminka mine and the mine named after K.E. Voroshilov, the technical solutions, and the technological schemes for the safe liquidation of vertical shafts of pits and wells are shown. Liquidation is carried out by backfilling with non-combustible material with the preliminary erection of water-resistant insulating jumpers in the horizontal workings, and the installation of floor shelves in the long part and mouth.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2023-5-56-61
Year: 2023
Issue num: May
Keywords : abandonment wells mines combined method technological schemes vertical shafts pits