Gas-Air Stand for Controlling the Operation of Multi-Circuit Ejector Burner for Casting Ladles Drying and Heating



The gas burner and casting ladle is a single component (one of the main) of the equipment for steel-making department of the oxygen converter or arc-furnace melting shop of any metallurgical plant.

The mode of lining thermal preparation of casting ladle is the mandatory process of ladles preparation for operation. Modes of drying and heating on time and temperature during forced convective heating of the ladle by the gas burner are determined by the type, thickness and humidity of lining used in the ladle. In this mode, the casting ladle is critical to the rate of heating due to phase transition of moisture into steam and destruction of lining. Drainage of hot metal in the cold casting ladle is not allowed.

The objective of the work is to develop the gas-air stand and the multi-circuit multimode ejector methane-air gas burner for drying and heating of 200-ton casting ladle. In this case, it is required to implement: drying of the fireclay lining to 330 ° C with a heating rate of 30–35 ° per hour; heating of fireclay lining of the ladle to 1000–1200 ° С with a heating rate of 60–65 ° per hour.

For the fuel pair «methane + air» (stoichiometric ratio of oxidant mass flow rate to fuel mass flow rate is 17.28), analysis of dependence of thermodynamic temperature on the oxidant (air) excess coefficient  showed the possibility of implementation of the preset drying and heating parameters at the appropriate organization of the working process on thermal power when changing the coefficient of excess oxidant in the range from 1 to 8.

Description is given concerning the principle diagram of multi-circuit multimode ejector gas burner and a gas-air stand for controlling its operation for drying and heating of casting ladles with multilayer lining of the objects of technical equipment of the metallurgical plant of the II hazard class.

The results of calculations of the consumption of methane and air for the temperature of drying and heating of casting ladles at various values of the flame of thermal power of the multi-circuit gas ejector burner and the minimum toxicity of the combustion products composition are presented.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2019-1-7-13
Year: 2019
Issue num: January
Keywords : casting ladle multilayer lining natural gas air ejector gas burner multi-circuit burner single-circuit burner gas-air stand drying and heating