Environmental Risk and Optimal Operation Time of the Solid Municipal Waste Landfills


The article solves the problem of assessing duration of the functioning of municipal solid waste landfills based on the environmental risk management.  To assess the environmental risk, an approach is applied based on the use of two methods, which are based on: the possibility of obtaining a functional dependence of the environmental risk of a landfill on the rate of its filling; a probabilistic estimate of the costs required to eliminate the possible consequences of the operation of landfills, formed taking into account the data used in accounting.
Analytical expressions were obtained to estimate the optimal operating time of the landfills, their environmental risk, funds means for protecting the environment and compensation for damage depending on their area, as well as the dependence of the total costs on investing in the environmental protection relative to profitability.
For calculations, data on potential costs and values of landfill areas were used on the example of officially registered landfills of municipal solid waste in Moscow region.
Application of the proposed approach allows to predict the optimal environmental risk for a municipal solid waste landfill, while its value is significantly lower than the environmental risk of similar operating landfills in Moscow region. In the presence of a given time of functioning of the landfill for municipal solid waste, the application of the developed approach makes it possible to predict the costs required for its maintenance.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2022-6-20-26
Year: 2022
Issue num: June
Keywords : safety environmental risk risk management municipal solid waste landfill operating time damage compensation
  • Garelina S.A.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof., rolru@mail.ru Civil Defence Academy EMERCOM of Russia, Khimki, Russia
  • Glybokov M.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Assoc. Prof. Civil Defence Academy EMERCOM of Russia, Khimki, Russia
  • Latyshenko K.P.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof. Civil Defence Academy EMERCOM of Russia, Khimki, Russia
  • Mazanik A.I.
    Dr. Sci. (Military), Prof., Chief Research Associate Civil Defence Academy EMERCOM of Russia, Khimki, Russia