Shmal Genady Iosifovich

 1959 — The Ural Polytechnic Institute named after S.M. Kirov (at present — USTU), metallurgic engineer;
 1983 — Academy of National Economy at the Council of Ministers of the USSR.
Professional experience
 1956 — process engineer of Berezniki Titanium-Magnesium Plant;
 1966 — First Secretary of Tyumen Komsomol;
 1971 — First Secretary of Tobolsk City Committee of the CPSU;
 1973 — Second Secretary of Tyumen Regional Committee of the CPSU;
 from 1978 to 1981 headed the association «Sibkomplektmontazh» of the Minneftegazprom of the USSR;
 1982 — Deputy Minister;
 1984 — First Deputy Minister of Construction of the enterprises of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR;
 1990 — Chairman of the Board of the State Concern «Neftegazstroy»;
 1991 — Chairman of the Management Board and the Board of Directors of AO Rosneftegazstroy formed on the basis of the concern;
 1998 — Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rosneftegazstroy;
 from 2002 to the present day — President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia.
Field of scientific researches
 Development of oil and gas fields in the Western Siberia;
 creation of cities in the north and in the Middle Ob area of Tyumen region;
 construction of gas pipelines Urengoy — Center, Urengoy — Pomara —Uzhgorod;
 construction of multi-line gas pipeline systems from Yamburg gas condensate field;
 construction of Tobolsk petrochemical complex;
 liquidation of the accidents consequences at Chernobyl NPP.
Scientific achievements
 One of the founders of the factory-assembled construction of the objects of oil and gas industry, which ensured the significant reduction of the objects construction period, which led to high rates of the development of oil and gas industry in Tyumen region;
 under his direct supervision the problem of condensate at Urengoy field was solved in a short time, Complex Gas Treatment Unit for Valangin deposits, condensate treatment complex for transportation, and the unique 700-kilometer Urengoy-Surgut condensate pipeline were commissioned;
 he is awarded the Orders of Courage, Red Banner of Labor, Friendship of Peoples, October Revolution, medals «For Labor Valor», «For Valorous Labor», «To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin», «In memory of 850th anniversary of Moscow», marked with «Honorary Worker of the Ministry of Construction of Oil and Gas Industry», «Honorary Builder», «Honored Worker of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation».
Membership in professional associations
 Full member of the Academy of Mining Sciences.
 He is the author of more than 100 scientific works devoted to the problems of increasing the efficiency of oil and gas construction.
 + 7 495 411 70 87


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