Nesterov Yury Leonidovich

1991 — Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering.
Advanced training
2007–2009 — The program for modular training of the reserve staff of the nomenclature of OAO Gazprom (NOU Corporate Institute of OAO Gazprom); Basic requirements, welding technologies, quality control of welded joints, production certification of welding technology, qualification tests of welding materials and equipment (UITs of advanced training of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas); Land legislation and land resources management (NOU «Corporate Institute of OAO Gazprom»);
2013 — Operation of offshore pipelines for the heads of Gazprom, Wintershall;
2016–2017 — Advanced training program «Construction Control» (for the members of certification commissions), SNFPO PAO Gazprom; Design of buildings and structures, CHUDPO «Center for vocational training and advanced training of the fuel and energy complex employees»;
2019 — Advanced training program «Efficient Leader», RANKhiGS.
Professional experience
1983–1984 — 3rd, 4th category locksmith in SMU No. 3 of the Trust «Bryansktruboprovodstroi» of Minneftegazstroy;
1986–1991 — NIS laboratory assistant / training master of the Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering;
1992–1995 — master, foreman of the SSMU of «Bryansktruboprovodstroi» Trust (AO «Bryansktruboprovodstroy» Mintopenergo);
1995–2001 — LES engineer of the Bryansk gas trunk pipelines department of the Bryansk UMG OOO Mostransgaz of OAO Gazprom;
2001–2003 — Deputy General Director for the sale of gas, OOO Orelregiongaz OOO Mezhregiongaz OAO Gazprom;
2004–2007 — Deputy production head of Orel branch of UMG OOO Mostransgaz of OAO Gazprom;
2007–2019 — engineer of UKN and BGO TsU, leading engineer of PDO, Deputy department head for quality control of welding and welding production, Deputy head of the department - Head of the department for monitoring the operation of main pipelines and GRC, Head of the Department for monitoring technical condition of the objects, and  acting Deputy General Director — Head of the Construction Inspectorate of PAO Gazprom; Chief Engineer — Deputy General Director of PAO Gazprom;
From 2019 to the present — Head of the Department for Supervision of the Facilities of Oil and Gas Complex of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.
Field of scientific researches
Development of principles for ensuring industrial safety in the field of gas facilities;
supervision of the facilities of oil and gas complex;
supervision of pipeline transport facilities;
supervision of gas distribution and gas consumption facilities;
supervision of petrochemical and oil and gas industry facilities, petroleum product supply facilities;
supervision of the facilities of oil and gas production industry.
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