Matvienko Yury Grigoryevich

 1980 — Faculty of technical physics, Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (speciality «Physics of strength»)
 1985 — PhD thesis «Elastic-plastic fracture toughness of thin sheet materials»
 1993 — Doctoral dissertation «Standardized methods for the analysis of Survivability and Safety of structures based on nonlinear criteria of fracture mechanics»
Professional Appointments
 1994–1995 — University of Sheffield (England)
 1998–1999/2003–2005 — Invited researcher at Korean atomic energy Institute (South Korea)
 2002 — Invited professor of the Asian University of Science and Technology (Thailand)
 2006 — Invited professor of the University of Padova (Italy)
 2006 — Invited professor of the University of Metz (France)
 2007 — Invited professor of the University of Brescia (Italy)
 2013 — Invited professor of the University of Aizu (Japan)
Research Interests
 Nonlinear physics and mathematical simulation, and hierarchical system of damage criteria and fracture of materials and structures at different scale-structural levels
 Complex criteria, methods of analysis and strength valuation, survivability, safety and durability of machines and structures in highly damaged conditions of extreme physical and mechanical effects, and corrosive environments
Scientific achievements
 Awarded the Certificate of Honour of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Presidium of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
 Candidate of the Edition «Who is Who in Science and Engineering» and the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, England)
 Author more than 250 manuscripts, published in Russian and International editions, including 13 monographs, 12 inventor's certificates and patents
Professional Association
 Member of the Supervisory Board of Regional Scientific-Educational cluster «Northeast», Honorary member of the Italian scientific society «Landau Network — Centro Volta», Member of the Scientific Council IMASH RAS and Dissertation Councils, Member of the editorial Board of the journal «Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures», «Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology», «Plant laboratory», «Diagnostics of materials», «Operational Safety in Industry», «Driving technology», «Bulletin of technological development»
 Address:101990, Russian Federation, Moscow, 4 M. Kharitonievsky Per.
 Phone: +7(499)135 1204


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