Kotov Sergey Grigoryevich

 In 1983 – Graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Technology in specialty « chemical process engineer on production of glass and sitall».
 1983–1986 — postgraduate study of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute.
Professional activity
 1986–1993 — engineer, senior engineer of the Central design bureau «Peleng» of the Belarusian optical-mechanical association. Defence of a thesis in candidacy for a degree of the Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty «chemical technology of silicate and nonmetallic refractory materials»;
 1994–2007 — service in agencies and subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Republic of Belarus;
 2007-–2012 — Belarusian state university, deputy head of the scientific and innovative department of the Head department of science, department head of the design and development activities, department head of the supervision and coordination of the scientific-research and development works of the Scientific and research part — Head department of science;
 2012–2019 — deputy head of the organizational and analytical department of the Department on supervision for safe operation in the industry of the Gospromnadzor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Republic of Belarus, part-time — the associate professor of physics and space technologies of Belarusian state university;
 since 2019 — academic secretary of Scientific and Practical Center of the State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus.
Field of scientific researches, achievements
 Safety and protection against emergency situations.
 Coauthor of more than 120 scientific works, copyright certificates and patents in the field of life-sustaining activity safety, protection of the population and territories against emergency situations, fire and industrial safety.
 The winner of the competition for the best scientific-research, research and development work performed in the agencies and subdivisions for emergency situations of the Republic of Belarus in 2004.
 Coauthor of the project «Wetting agent-cartridge for suppression of fires» awarded with the diploma of the second degree (with silver medal awarded) in nomination of «The Best Innovative Project in the Field of New Materials and Chemical Products» of the competition «The Best Innovative Project and the Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year» held within St. Petersburg technical fair on March 10-12, 2010.
 He is awarded with the medal «For Honourable Service of 3 Degree», the anniversary medal «150 years of fire service of Belarus», the diploma of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the honorary certificate of the State committee on science and technologies.


ID автора в РИНЦ: 697661
Индекc Хирша в РИНЦ: 2
SPIN-код в РИНЦ: 8041-6150