Kadushkin Yury Viktorovich

 Kurgan machine-building institute, specialty «mechanical engineer».
Professional experience 
From 1984 he was a foreman, deputy production head, group head in the diagnostics laboratory, head of cranes repair and diagnostics department, Technical Director of ZAO NPO Tekhkranenergo, President of AO NPO «Tekhkranenergo».
Field of scientific researches 
 He participated in the development of safety devices, and also conducted patent and information search, and gave technical proposals on the development of ASTs-3 anemometer, the simulator of the power transmission line, KSTs-1ex. clinometer. As a part of the working group by the order of Rostechnadzor he participated in the development of a number of methodical instructions and the guidelines regulating diagnostics of hazardous production facilities. The composition solder and the way of fireless repair technology protected by security documents of intellectual property developed based on ZAO NPO «Tekhkranenergo», and allowing to carry out repair works in the chemical, oil and gas industry, and also at repair of truck and railway tanks were applied in the department, which was directed by Yu.V. Kadushkin, at repair of the equipment. The method of non-destructive testing of the microstructure of metal directly on the equipment by means of the metal replicas developed by Yu.V. Kadushkin is widely used.
 ZAO NPO «Tekhkranenergo» headed by Yu.V. Kadushkin — the multi-profile enterprise which is engaged both in diagnostics and repair of hazardous production equipment supervised by Rostechnadzor, in all the regions of the Russian Federation, and also the certification of products, construction, development and production of safety devices. 
Scientific achievements 
 He is awarded with diplomas, letters of thanks and diplomas of Rostechnadzor, AO Rossevzapstroy, administration of Vladimir city, association «Union of Builders of Vladimir Region», the sign «Honorable Builder of the Earth of Vladimir».
 Membership in professional associations 
 Member of the editorial staff of the «Occupational Safety in Industry» journal.
 The author of two books, in which the issues of diagnostic analysis are considered, and specific recommendations are given on the calculations of various structures, which continue to operate beyond their guideline life, and 35 publications in the «Occupational Safety in Industry», «Tekhnadzor», «Berg-Collegium» journals.
 Tel. +7 (4922) 53-28-04
 E-mail: lib@tke.ru


ID автора в РИНЦ: 942456
SPIN-код в РИНЦ: 5681-3327