Ermak Gennady Pavlovich

 Siberian State Iron and Steel Institute (at present — Siberian State Iron and Steel University), 1981.
Professional experience 
 1981–2000 — underground timberman, underground miner, head of the underground section, deputy chief engineer of the mine, mine head, chief engineer of Abakan mining department;
 2000–2004 — councilor of the temporary manager on production and economic issues, executive director of Teisk mine department, General director of OOO Alpha Service Klab;
 2004–2008 — managing director, Director of Teisk branch (Republic of Khakassia), Director of Mning-Schorsk branch (Kemerovskaya region) OAO «Eurasruda»;
 2008 — OOO «Khakasrazrezugol»;
 2008–2010 — Director of «Khakasskaya mine» (Tchernogorsk Republic of Khakassia);
 From 2010 till present — Head of Department on Supervision in Coal Industry of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.
Field of scientific researches 
 In 2001 the scientific work was made on the topic «Control of the crushing action of explosion by combined charges of explosives during massive collapse of ores» in candidacy for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. He has four patents in the field of blasting operations at the mining enterprises.
Scientific achievements
 He was awarded with the breast badge «Honorable miner» of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation; medals named after Melnikov L.G., the governor of the Kemerovo region «For service to Kuzbass». The award of the Government of the Russian Federation of 2004 in science and technology was awarded and the rank «The Winner of the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation in Science and Technology» for the development and implementation of technology of the large-scale explosive breaking of iron ores in the seismoactive Areas of Siberia was given. 
 The author of more than 30 scientific works, including 4 patents, more than 50 publications, co-author of more than 40 regulatory-legal and regulatory-technical documents in the field of ensuring industrial safety of coal industry.
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