Bozhko Dmitry Ilyich

 Dnepropetrovsk mining institute named after Artem, (at present — National Mining University, Ukraine), mining electrical engineer, 1974;
 Bauman Moscow High Technical College (at present — Bauman Moscow State Technical University), systems engineer, 1990.
Professional experience
 1974–1979 — assistant of the section foreman (underground transport), equipment operator of the section of ventilation and occupational safety (underground) at the mines of association Vorkutaugol;
 1982–1989 — lead specialist (devices and the systems of aerogas control) of the Department of Occupational Safety and Industrial Health, deputy head of automation department of the Scientific and technical department of the Ministry of Coal Industry USSR;
 1990–1994 — assistant professor of Automated Control System of Moscow Mining Institute;
 1994–1998 — head of department of equipment and technologies of the company «Rosugol»;
 1998–1999 — Deputy head of the department of Mintopenergo of Russia;
 1999–2016 — deputy head, head of Informational support service of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia, Rostechnadzor;
 2016–2020 — deputy head of OOO «TERMIKA»;
 from 2020 — deputy chief editor of the journal «Occupational Safety in Industry» (STC «Industrial Safety» CJSC).
Field of scientific researches 
 Development of the methods and means of control of mine atmosphere safety;
 scientific bases of control of self-heating and self-ignition of combustible minerals and organic substances;
 use of means of automation equipment and informatics for increase in safety of hazardous production facilities operation;
 improvement of methods and means of electronic education.
Scientific achievements 
 He is awarded with the departmental medals of Rostechnadzor — Anniversary «290 years», named after Yakov Bruce, named after Melnikov L.G.; medal «80 years to «Occupational Safety in Industry» journal; honourable distinctions of EMERCOM of Russia «For merits» and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia «50 years to Stakhanov movement»; he is given a title «Honorary Employee of Rostechnadzor».
Membership in professional associations 
 Member of editorial staff of «Occupational Safety in Industry» journal.
 The author of more than 30 published scientific works, including one invention.
 Ph. +7 (495) 620-47-44


ID автора в РИНЦ: 939208
Индекc Хирша в РИНЦ: 2
SPIN-код в РИНЦ: 8614-9843