Specifics of Gas Accumulations Distribution in the Earth Interior and the Methods of their Detection

N.N. Kiselev, Cand. Sci. (Geol.-Miner.), Lead Engineer, nnkiselev@mail.ru OOO «Sojuzshahtoosushenie», Donskoj, Russia A.G. Radchenko, Engineer OOO «Geofizik», Krasnodar, Russia A.A. Radchenko, Engineer OOO «Lemax», Taganrog, Russia


The article presents the analysis of the international experience of oil and gas fields exploration, which showed that the distribution of hydrocarbon accumulations in the lithologically different sedimentary complexes is characterized by mosaic, uneven distribution on areas and depths. The practice of applying geophysical methods for detection of zones of high content of the hydrocarbons in various mining and geological conditions is considered. Successful forecast of zones of geological disturbances and the sections of the increased gas content at the Crimea peninsula became the basis for conducting geoelectric studies in the mines of Donbass. Carried out geophysical research in the mines «Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya» and in the name of A.F. Zasyadko allowed to establish that the zones of the increased accumulation of gases are characterized by self-similarity at the regional, local and current levels, are located locally, spotty, mosaic on areas and multi-tiered, multilevel on the depth of burial have different sizes both on areas and on depths. At the local and current levels in the rock layers and coal seams sections occur with increased values of fracture, gas-bearing capacity and gas-release rate (areas of increased potential hazard on sudden coal outburst and gas release). Geophysical methods allow to identify and outline the zones of geological disturbances, places of increased accumulation of gases in the coal-bearing massif both on areas and on depth. The sections of increased gas saturation of rocks are characterized as anomalies of increased polarization and geoelectrical resistance of the rock massif.


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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2018-7-7-13
Year: 2018
Issue num: July
Keywords : geological structures geophysical methods zones of increased fracture coal seams zones of increased gas content geoelectric zones outburst hazard of rocks and coals