Development of the Methods for Selecting Respiratory Dust Protection Means for the Miners


Currently, the mining industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is dominated by an open method for solid minerals extraction. In the open pit mining, dust is the main adverse production factor. Its concentration in the environment depends on the development technology, the type and humidity of the mineral and host rocks, the mining equipment used, anti-dust measures, etc.
Increase in the volume of mineral extraction due to the intensification of production processes and the introduction of high-performance equipment leads to an increase in the level of dust generation at the workplaces. In this regard, the fight against dust as a harmful professional factor remains an urgent task.
In a dusty atmosphere, especially with a high concentration of hazardous suspended particles, various means of individual respiratory protection are used. This allows a significant reduction in the inhaled fraction. Conducted research proved that the real coefficients of respiratory protection in the modern personal protective equipment in the production conditions do not correspond to the declared ones. The main reason is the penetration of the unfiltered air into the area under mask through the gaps between the protective mask and the face of the worker.
The necessity of developing a methodology for the selection of respirators that will provide reliable protection of the respiratory organs of the workers was identified. The dust load attributable to the respiratory organs of a miner is determined considering the use of BPS and ASDA respirators.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2022-6-33-39
Year: 2022
Issue num: June
Keywords : personal protective equipment mining miners mineral raw materials respiratory organs open pit mining development scale
  • Akhmedova N.M.
    Dr. Sci. (Phil.), Assoc. Prof., Navoi State Mining Institute, Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Rabbimov Kh.T.
    Senior Lecturer Navoi State Mining Institute, Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan