New Approach to Building of the Functional Safety System for Coal Mine

A.V. Borodin, Technical Director V.M. Osipov, Adviser to Director General, АО «Production Association «Elektrotochpribor», Omsk, Russia Yu.V. Ryzhenko, Deputy Director D.V. Fedosov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director NPOOO «KV-Svyazj», Omsk, Russia


The issues of creating the accident-resistant information transmission channels in the multifunctional safety system are considered. It is shown that the required reliability can be only provided by the wireless channels of information transition. The overview is given concerning the attempts to implement the information transition via radio channel at different frequencies; the reasons are analyzed limiting the major distribution of these systems. The conditions of propagation of radio waves of the selected frequencies along a straight line and by rounding of the pillars during operation of the equipment, and when moving on the vertical shafts are considered. The results are given related to the tests of the new transmitter-receivers for these channels in the conditions of the working mine. The directions are established for further development of works on creation of the reliable information transmission channel for mines.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2017-3-38-40
Year: 2017
Issue num: March
Keywords : ensuring safety multifunctional systems transmission channel transmitter-receiver distribution of electromagnetic waves