Artificial Intelligence for Safe Maintenance, Operation and Repair Technologies for Power Supply Devices of JSC «Russian Railways»


Automation of the technological processes is rapidly improving with the emergence and development of the artificial intelligence. More complex applications and platforms are being developed to better analyze the production process. Artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming efficient and priority tools for removing employees from the hazardous areas, minimizing the influence of the human factor, preventing, and predicting industrial injuries, automating production, improving labor productivity and quality of work. 

Artificial intelligence tools used in the world practice and wearable protective devices that serve to minimize industrial injuries and increase labor productivity are considered.

The analysis of statistical data on injuries to the personnel of JSC «Russian Railways» during maintenance, operation and repair of power supply devices is presented. Further development and implementation of the artificial intelligence, the latest methods, and technical means of protecting railway personnel from electric shock injury is becoming an urgent task.

The article considers video surveillance system «DOZOR» used in the RZD holding, which contributes to strengthening labor and technological discipline at production facilities, enhancing occupational safety, improving the quality of work- places preparation, and performing technological operations. It also allows you to assess professional competence and identify gaps in the theoretical and practical knowledge of the employees.

It is proposed to introduce a computer vision device into «DOZOR» video surveillance system, which will ensure compliance with the requirements of the occupational safety rules and regulations in real time. It will also make it possible to promptly inform the employee and his managers about all the violations at a particular workplace for taking timely measures on preventing accidents and injury to the personnel.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2021-6-46-51
Year: 2021
Issue num: June
Keywords : occupational safety injury rate artificial Intelligence contact network labor productivity video analysis wearable protective devices
  • Pazukha A.A.
    Candidate, Ural State University of Railway Transport, Ekaterinburg, Russia