Harmonic Analysis of Temperatures of the Frozen Soil of Right-of-Way of the Linear Object

A.Yu. Vladova, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Leading Researcher, avladova@mail.ru Orenburg Scientific Center UrO RAN, Orenburg, Russia

Technogenic effect at construction and operation of the objects results in growth of frozen soils temperatures and reduction of their bearing capacity, change of spatial position and deformation, increase in number of accidents. For timely implementation of the compensating measures, the operating companies are faced with the problem of preservation of soils in a frozen state by means of complex of means of geotechnical monitoring and the new methods of the collected data analysis. Availability of layer-by-layer measurements put in order naturally along right of way of the extended linear objects allowed to offer the method of identification of sites with abnormal temperatures on the basis of harmonic analysis.
For the development of the method, the analysis of works on the problem was carried out. Specifics of relief and climatic conditions of the area of object location are considered. Layers of soil containing the object, for which periodic models of temperatures history were built, had been selected from the multilayered primary information, also annual and seasonal fluctuations are given.
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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2017-7-25-30
Year: 2017
Issue num: July
Keywords : oil pipeline thermometric wells frozen soils temperature data analysis temporary rows Fourier transformation
  • Vladova A.Yu.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Researcher ICS RAS, Moscow, Russia Prof. Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia