Hardware and Software for Acoustic Sounding


The article is devoted to the development of one of the new directions for solving mining and geological problems based on the specific features of the formation of an artificial acoustic signal.

To register an artificial acoustic signal, an intrinsically safe portable recorder was developed and manufactured approved for use in the explosive environments. Recording of the acoustic information in the mine is carried out on a carrier in the digital form, on the surface it is transferred to a personal computer equipped with a special program for processing this signal Geoscan-RIVAS. The program reproduces recording, extracts artificial acoustic signal pulses, calculates spectra and parameters using them for further analysis of the rock mass state: determines the distance from the coal seam to the weakened interlayer contacts in the roof or soil of the coal seam, estimates the relative intensity of the contacts weakening, controls the position of the contact with maximum attenuation, calculates the relative stress factor.

Some tasks are solved in the automatic mode: determination of the distance from the mine working to the outburst formation; forecast of breakthroughs of methane from the workings soil; hazard assessment of the rock bursts, sudden outbursts, extrusion of the coal seam. To perform these works, the method of acoustic sounding was developed. Methodology does not consider propagation of the elastic vibrations in the rock mass (signal registration is performed in the near zone), but only registers the occurrence of natural resonant vibrations that occur in the seams having a near-surface weakened zone at the contact.

This zone is formed on the individual lithological differences and on the interlayer deformations when extracting a mineral. Solution of practical tasks with the use of acoustic soundings was carried out at the mines of Kuzbass. Conducted studies allow to recommend acoustic sounding also in the development of ore deposits for assessing the stress-strain state of the rock mass.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2022-3-20-25
Year: 2022
Issue num: March
Keywords : coal seam stress-strain state of the rock mass mining safety artificial acoustic signal recording equipment hardware and software acoustic sounding