Current Issues of Assessment and Ensuring Fire Safety of Lighting Products at the Warehouse Storage Facilities


The relevance of the publication is related to the high fire hazard of lighting products. Based on the analysis of fire statistics in the Russian Federation, it is shown that the lamps occupy the fifth place among all the types of electrical installations in terms of the number of fires, direct material damage from them, as well as the number of people perished. At the same time, the number of fires at storage facilities from electrical equipment for the period 2010–2019 is about 39 %, of which the lamps account for a third of all fires.

One of the significant objective reasons for such unfavorable statistics is the large number of luminaires in operation at the facilities, as well as their wide assortment and many types of design on the application area.

The article summarizes the experience of recent work carried out in the field of fire hazard research of various types of lamps used for the warehouse lighting in particular, the lamps with fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, LED lamps and high-pressure gas discharge lamps. The physical and technical causes and possible mechanisms of ignition of these electrical products are shown.

As a result of the conducted research on the example of the two most common types of lamps used in the storage facilities (with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps) a method for calculating the probability of fires from these products is proposed, which is fully consistent with the requirements of the current GOST 12.1.004—91 and becomes particularly relevant in the development of standards regulating fire-fighting requirements for lamps instead of GOST 17677—82, which became invalid in the Russian Federation in 2020.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2021-3-54-60
Year: 2021
Issue num: March
Keywords : fire protection requirements lighting products storage facilities fire hazard assessment fire risk