Actual Issues of Ensuring the Operability of Electrical Equipment in Fire Protection Systems of the Objects


In Russia, at energy enterprises, in large industrial buildings, as well as at some other industrial facilities, the number of fire protection systems operate to protect people from fire hazards. Their reliability and efficiency are largely determined by the performance (fire resistance) of electrical wiring during a fire.
Requirements for fire resistance of electrical wiring are determined by clause 2 of Art. 82 of the Federal Law of July 22, 2008 № 123-FZ «Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements». It is established that cable lines and electrical wiring of fire protection systems of the protected objects must remain operational under fire conditions for the entire time required to perform their functions and evacuate people to a safe area. 
Based on the studies performed, the article substantiates the requirements included in the updated regulatory documents: GOST R 53316—2021 and SP 6.13130.2021. It is shown that these documents, together with those in force in Russia and harmonized with the standards of IEC GOST 50571.5.56—2013, constitute a single regulatory framework regulating the requirements and testing methods of electrical equipment for fire protection systems of the objects. Efficiency of the proposed norms is reflected in their scientific and technical substantiation carried out by All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection during many years of research work on requests of the EMERCOM of Russia. 
Based on the results of the conducted research, it was concluded that the application of these norms ensures compliance with the established requirements of the law. This helps to increase the efficiency and reliability of the certification assessment of such electrical installations, and, as a result, guarantees their reliability during operation at the object.
It is proposed to pay special attention to the issues of scientifically based choice and subsequent implementation of highly efficient fire protection systems at the energy facilities.

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DOI: 10.24000/0409-2961-2022-11-72-78
Year: 2022
Issue num: November
Keywords : electrical wiring fire resistance fire hazard fire protection requirements electrical equipment fire protection systems cable lines